Men kill 236 women in 11 months



NEWS CENTER- Men killed 236 women sexually assaulted 71 women and sexually abused 368 girls between January 1 and November 20, 2016

Men killed 236 women between January 1 and November 20, 2016. 71 women were sexually assaulted and sexual abuse of 368 girls was reported by media. 22% of the women were killed for seeking divorce/break up and 9% of women were killed in the middle of the street.

67% of the women were killed by their partners or partners; 37 women were killed by their ex-husbands or ex-partners, 121 women were killed by their husbands, partners or fiancées.

At least 368 children abused

Reports of sexual abuse cases against 368 girls took place in media in the first 11 months of 2016. According to the reports covered between January 1 and November 20, 2016, 55% of the girls were sexually abused by their teachers. School staff constitutes 7%, girls’ relatives constitute 6%, café-market staff or owners constitute 3.5% of the abusers.

3% of the girls subjected to sexual abuse were handicapped.

In 368 sexual abuse cases against children, only 126 of the perpetrators were arrested. 18 men were released on probation. Three teachers were suspended from their duties; one religious high school teacher was assigned to another school. Harassment by a vice principle wasn’t even notified to judicial authorities.

59% of the sexual abuse cases occurred in schools. Apart from that, girls were subjected to sexual abuse in the houses where they were taken by force or deceived, in the cars they were seized, buses and parks.