From Women's Pens

Laborer of Rojava Revolution: Teacher Jinda


Being one of the first organizers of Rojava Revolution and founders of the YPJ, Naile Yûsif (nom de guerre Jinda Ronahi) lost her life four years ago while fighting against gangs. Meanwhile, Jinda was a teacher and she taught how a revolution can be built by labor and resistance.

Êzidî women resist from Nasara to Berivan (5)


Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Diyarbakır MP Feleknas Uca stated that people have protected their lands under the leadership of women, "I wish Shengal Mountains had tongue and told us how Devreşê Evdê's grandchildren are defending themselves now. Elderly mothers and young women have protected their homelands by taking up arms. Shengal people aren't victims on the contrary; they have developed self-defense after the recent attacks."

Êzidî women resist from Nasara to Berivan (4)


"Years passed but not the pain of massacre" said Êzidî women those who have lived in the refugee camp built in the Fidanlık Area (Nursery Garden) of Diyarbakır's Yenişehir district for two years after Shengal Massacre. Women stated that they will never forget the massacre and their biggest dream is to become the PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan and Shengal free.

Êzidî women resist from Nasara to Berivan (3)


Êzidî women have improved themselves in many areas such as self-defense and organizing after August 3. We talked to the YJŞ commander Hêzda Şengal and Êzidî Women's Assembly member Nurê Xidir. "The enemy must understand very well that we won't accept the tyranny anymore." said two women and they called on all women by saying, "Rise against male dominated system."

Êzidî women resist from Nasara to Berivan (2)


Êzidî people faced the atrocity of ISIS in front of world on 21st century. "We won't forget women held captive, massacred people and the pain we suffer. We'll resist even if one of us live." said Êzidî women.

Êzidî women resist from Nasra to Berivan (1)


As 3 August 2016 marks the 2nd anniversary of the Shengal Massacre, we have witnessed the resistance of Êzidî women step by step. They give their word to take revenge of abducted and killed Êzidî women by ISIS.

Moon-faced goddess: Rojinda Ruken


YJA-Star fighter Rojinda Ruken (Kader Erenç) lost her life in a clash occurred in Şemzinan region.Her friends describe her as, "Moon-faced goddess" by saying, "Rojinda told us that: 'People those who have dreams can win.' Right, the people those who have dreams can love mountains like Rojinda."

The architects of Revolution tell 4 years of Rojava (5)


Women, who have led to revolution in Rojava since July 19, 2012, have maintained the resistance of women like Zilan, Arîn, Beritan and Rêvan. General Commander of YPJ (the Women's Protection Units) Nûjin Dêrik underlined that Rojava Revolution has success with women and she stated that Rojava Revolution has continued under the leadership of women.

The architects of Revolution tell 4 years of Rojava (4)


Women have taken their part in building a democratic society following Rojava revolution and they put their signature under important successes in the field of law. Women have formed the first Women's Law in the world; there are many articles in the law such as equality of men and women, prohibition of polygamy and women's property rights.

The architects of Revolution tell 4 years of Rojava (3)


Leading the Rojava Revolution, women have rebuilt new life and strengthened self-defense against possible attacks. Women, who have empowered their organization following Rojava Revolution, told us the role of women in Rojava Revolution.

The architects of Revolution tell 4 years of Rojava (1)


Thousands of women like Slav, Arîn, Ivanalardan Gulanlara, Sibel and Peyman lead Rojava Revolution step by step. As Rojava Revolution turns four, women, who lead the revolution, have become a new model to the world by organizing every area of life, including self-defense and diplomacy.

Two comrades in Botan resistance: Axin and Zeryan


Two women, who promised each other that they would never leave alone each other in every area of life on the lands they were born, fought until the last moment in order to fulfill their promise. Axin and Zeryan met in Botan region last time. They wrote their names in Botan resistance by fighting for self-government to the end.

Woman deprived of her childhood, youth and children


75-year-old Fatma Polat was forced to marry when she was a child. She was subjected to systematic violence by her husband and her husband's family. Fatma went to other cities to work for her children and she was subjected to psychological violence and discrimination for speaking Kurdish in these cities.

Legend of Sur: Sonay, Nurcan, Roza


Diyarbakır's Sur district is already called as, "The town resisted longest against the atrocity" in the history of humanity. Sonay Engin (nom de guerre: Nucan Malatya) was "Sniper Roza" of Sur. She was everywhere fire broke out with her revolutionary personality. She took it as her duty. Sonay was a laborer of the miracle in Kobanê. She turned her face to Sur after Kobanê. She became a legend in the legend of resistance of Sur which contined for 103 days. She whispered her name to the walls of Amed forever and ever.

First woman commander of the YPJ: Silav Efrîn


Friends of first woman commander of the Women's Protection Units (YPJ) Silav Efrîn (real name: Meryem Mihemed) talked about Silav on the third anniversary of her death. "Friend Silav's stance in life heralded of our victory. We'll move Silav's struggle to victory."

Name of resistance in Gever: Rojevin


Martial law has been imposed on the Yüksekova district of Hakkari. Women's Civil Defense Forces (YPS-JIN) member Evindar Kılıçarslan (nom de guerre Rojevin Garzan) died in a clash erupted between state forces and the YPS-JIN in Yüksekova. Rojevin's family told the life story of their daughter. The family said that Rojevin was a nature lover child and she didn't want the people to die. Rojevin took the weapon to protect her people during war process.

Güler Eroğlu: I decided to go to Cizre in the day I was killed


Güler Eroğlu was confused with Mizgin Koçyiğit who was killed in the Sur district of Diyarbakır. Güler was killed in a basement which is known as "basement of savagery" in the Cizre district of Şırnak three months later of Mizgin's died. Güler Eroğlu had shot a video before she was killed.

3 women resist against persecution, Leyla, Fatma, Halime


Leyla Fidan lost her daughter Fatma who was killed while she was fighting against Daesh gangs in Rojava. Her other daughter Halime joined the PKK after the solution process was ended. Leyla said, "Fatma fulfilled her responsibilities to the Kurdish people."

Janet Biehl: We need Öcalan's voice desperately now


Janet Biehl is a political writer with a focus on libertarian municipalism and social ecology in USA. Janet is part of the February 14-16 Imrali delegation. She spoke to JINHA about the isolation of the PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan, current situation in North Kurdistan and the Geneva peace process.

Êzidî women: 'we won't allow another massacre' (6)


In the wake of the Daesh attack on the Êzidî city of Shengal, women surviving the massacre have joined the YPJ-Shengal--the recently formed defense unit composed entirely of Êzidî women, working to defend themselves.