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For understanding the cause of why a woman is used as a pornographic object, firstly we should investigate  the history of  women. Also  the press continues to  reinforce male-dominated system in the public conscience. it can slide it any desired direction.Until today male system has directed reactions toward to women. With a masculine language, the women has been mentioned as a pornographic material or a villain. In this situation as women we say ‘ STOP’ via the  JIN HABER AJANSI (WOMAN NEWS AGENCY)

And our slogan is that ‘We are going to change the language of media. After us, the language of media won’t be the same as in the past’ As WOMAN NEWS AGENCY (JINHA) we steped to the world of press  on 8 March, 2012, and  are submiting  news in kurdish, in english and in turkish via internet.

We say that, for the people who approach to sociaty with the perspective of gender equality, it is impossible to not be annoyed by the masculine language of the media.


From the manager of news to the editor, from  the photojournalists to the cameraman, to the correspondent all of our colleagues consist of  the women;

Our subscribers are our financial source;

Our target is to present the world via the perspective of women;

We emphasis that women should have strong bounds with soil;

We also emphasis on the importance of women’s power and representing herself as an intellectual;

We emphasis on the urgency of women’s original organization;

For the freedom of women, we think that, it is essentional to take attention to the continuous struggle of women;

Life shouldn’t be based on contest, but it should be based on cooperation,

Rejectig to the patterns of consumer society is an important point for us,

We consider important to deal with the relationship between life and aesthetics, beauty,

Our target is to remove the concept of masculine in our habitation;

We reject to the position that man is subject and the woman is object and we also want to create a world which women and men have equality and equal right.

We think that the glorification of power should be questioned,

We emphasis that respecting to production is more important than consumption,

We aim to enlarge production by sharing,

We  see all the creatures as ‘alive’ and aim to show respect all living creatures,

As JINHA NEWS AGENGY’s center in Diyarbakır, we works in the many countries and cities as a representative.

To be a subscriber  for JINHA  jinhaber@gmail.com adress you can reach us.

‘And we are writing. Without considering about what men are going to say about it.’