Police run over Fadik Kök's foot with armored vehicle


ISTANBUL – Last night, police removed the signboard of the Halkevi Association (Community Centre has gradually developed out of the general educational, public and private system) in Okmeydanı. Police attacked the people, who reacted to the situation, and run over a young woman’s foot named Fadik Kök with an armored vehicle. Fadik was taken to hospital.

Last night, police attacked Halkevi Association in the Okmeydanı Neighborhood of Istanbul’s Şişli district and removed the signboard of the association. Association members reached to that and began to keep watch in front of the building of the association. Police run over Fadik Kök’s foot with an armored vehicle. Fadik, whose foot was broken, was taken to Okmeydanı Hospital.

Saliha Dışkaya, member of the Halkevi, reacted to the situation and said, “What is our fault? We are struggling here with dignity only for a humane life. We wanted to keep watch in front of our association when the signboard of our association was removed unlawfully. They run over deliberatively our female friend with an armored vehicle.”

Another member of the association, Döndüğ Boran said, “We call on all our friends to come Halkevi in Okmeydanı. We will defend our rights, we want our signboard back.”