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3 women resist against persecution, Leyla, Fatma, Halime

March 11 / 2016


ŞIRNEX - Leyla Fidan lost her daughter Fatma who was killed while she was fighting against Daesh gangs in Rojava. Her other daughter Halime joined the PKK after the solution process was ended. Leyla said, "Fatma fulfilled her responsibilities to the Kurdish people."
Daesh gangs attacked Şedadê, town of Rojava. YPJ fighter began to attack Daesh gangs to save the town.  Fatma Fidan (le nom de guerre Sara Cudi), a fighter of the women's protection Unit (YPJ) passed away on January 20 in the attack. Fatma's mother Leyla Fidan had to move from Gundikê Melê to Cizre due to the state's attacks and imposition to be village guards in 1990s. Leyla said that Fatma decided to join the YPJ due to the ongoing state's repression. "My daughter fulfilled her responsibilities to the Kurdish people." said Leyla 
Leyla said that Fatma faced the state's repression since she was born. She joined Rojava Revolution in 2013 to end this persecution. Fatma fighted against Daesh gangs in Kobanê. She passed away in the Şedadê town of Kobanê and she was buried in the Dêrik town of Rojava. "I wish I could see my daughter face one last time. I didn't think my daughter would go. She went to school; however, she didn't come back. I am still waiting her. My daughter chose a path of honor. I wish her body was sent here…"
Leyla said that her daughter Halime Fidan joined the PKK after the president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ended the solution process. Then, the state repression has increased on them. Leyla's daughter Halime told her, "I want to go to my sister." Leyla said, "I told her that don't go, however, she went. Her path is a path of honor. I have four more children. They also can go one day. You cannot stop one who wants to go. If you try to stop them, you won't manage to stop them."
Leyla and her family are waiting to return to Cizre. Leyla said, "The state will never annihilate us. Enough; We don't want anyone has pain anymore."