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The architects of Revolution tell 4 years of Rojava (5)

Dosya Haber
July 20 / 2016


'Revolution has success with women'
Gulan Botan/JINHA
QAMIŞLO - Women, who have led to revolution in Rojava since July 19, 2012, have maintained the resistance of women like Zilan, Arîn, Beritan and Rêvan. General Commander of YPJ (the Women's Protection Units) Nûjin Dêrik underlined that Rojava Revolution has success with women and she stated that Rojava Revolution has continued under the leadership of women. 
Revolution fire that began in Rojava's Kobanê city on July 19, 2012 has expanded in Rojava cantons. As the excitement of revolution has continued, resistance led by women against attacks towards Rojava Revolution has become the first agenda of the whole world in a short time. YPJ has been considered as a huge turnout of Kurdish women and a strong power. People have admired YPJ women wonderingly. The YPJ women announce the good news of liberation to Kurdish people by fighting against the brutal attacks of ISIS. They have become the pride of the Kurdish people. We talked to General Commander of YPJ (the Women's Protection Units) Nûjin Dêrik about Rojava Revolution. 
Nûjin noted that July 19 is the day of resurrection and she said a new history has begun for Rojava people. "Several revolutions were experienced in the history; however, women's lives haven't changed after the revolution. Our revolution is difference because women have taken part in this revolution. We resisted for years and we will continue to resist. Zarife and Besê threw themselves from cliffs in order to not surrender. Zilan, Beritan and Şilan continued this struggle. We have taken our part in the revolution with their power."
Nûjin told us the role of women in the Rojava Revolution by saying: "Many of our friends sacrificed their lives for freedom. Women in the YPJ see themselves as the guarantee of all women in the world. Berivan and Sılava were among these friends and they laid the base of the revolution. The YPJ has grown with their principal. It follows the path of women like Zarife, Zilan and Beritan. Middle East has feudal structure. A specifi framework was drawn for women and they were limited. But, this framework was broken and hundreds of women have fought in the war by taking their part in the revolution. And it is significant that the success of the revolution is women. Many our precious friends sacrificed their lives and many have continued to sacrifice their lives.
"Many Arab, Syriac, Turkish and women of the world passed away by resisting. New life system is being built under the leadership of women. Life has been changed following the revolution because YPJ has taken its part in the revolution. As YPJ, we break new ground in the world history. The resistance of Arîn, Rêvan, Zehra and other women has become the symbol of resistance in the world. The resistance of Rojava will continue under the leadership of women."