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Êzidî women resist from Nasara to Berivan (4)

Dosya Haber
August 02 / 2016


Êzidî women: Years passed but not the pain of massacre
Hülya Okalin-Medine Mamedoğlu/JINHA
AMED - "Years passed but not the pain of massacre" said Êzidî women those who have lived in the refugee camp built in the Fidanlık Area (Nursery Garden) of Diyarbakır's Yenişehir district for two years after Shengal Massacre. Women stated that they will never forget the massacre and their biggest dream is to become the PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan and Shengal free.
Thousands of Êzidî people took to the migration roads following the attacks on August 3, 2014 by ISIS. The municipalities administered by the DBP (Democratic Regions Party) and Kurdish people mobilized for the Êzidî people and stood up for them after attacks and massacres against Êzidî people. About 4000 Êzidî people were placed in the camp built in Fidanlık Area of Yenişehir by Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality. Êzidî people' shelter, food, health, psychological and social needs were tried to meet with joint works carried out by many non-governmental organizations, women and general organizations affiliated to municipalities. Meanwhile, the experts provided psychological and physical supports due to the violence they faced.Now, 1500 Ezidi women and children currently living in the camp can take classes in culture and art; language; sewing; music; etc. They also have access to health services.
'We miss Shengal'
We handed our microphone to Êzidî women living in the camp. One of these women Mînîfe Dexîl said, "The male- dominant mindset carried out this massacre because they don't accept different ideologies, identities, colors and voice except theirs. This massacre isn't first for Êzidî people. We had faced many massacres before. We'll never forget the massacre carried out by ISIS. I left all my dreams and hopes in Shengal. We miss our lands."
'We'll never forget the massacre'
Shengal woman Alya Hiseyîn said that she doesn't forget the massacre against them, "We want our lands to be free. Our brothers, sisters, friends and our beloved ones were killed right in front of the world. Small children were beheaded as our hopes. Our fear is that we will be killed by gangs if we return to our lands before being liberated. We won't forget this massacre lifelong."
'I want to see Shengal before die'
Xunav Brahîm is another Êzidî woman, who lives in the camp, she protest the Shengal massacre and said, "Shengal's pain is a deep wound." She stated that she doesn't want to live another place in the world except Shengal, "I want to see Shengal once more. Even if all our needs have been met in the camp, nowhere can be like your homeland."
Xezal Xelef stated her feelings with the words, "The Êzidî people have faced edicts for 72 times. We grew up with the stories of these edicts told by our parents. And we have experienced the same fate. We came to Kurdistan by fleeing from ISIS gangs. Turkish state has carried our massacres on Kurdish people here. Enough, we want to live a dignity and free life. Our leadership has been held in the prison for years and isolation has been imposed upon him. We want our leader to be free like we want Shengal be free. We know that Kurdish people in the four parts of Kurdistan cannot be free without the freedom of our leadership."
'We want to return to Shengal'
Nadiya Xilyas is a child living in the camp. She witnessed the August 3 massacre. Nadiya said, "Shengal was a beautiful city when we lived there. But I don't know how it is now. We witnessed a massacre which nobody wants to witness. Chidren were killed and beheaded in front of their parents. All people in the camp want to return to Shengal but we are afraid to return."