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Güler Eroğlu: I decided to go to Cizre in the day I was killed

March 12 / 2016


Zeynep Akın/JINHA
ÊLIH - Güler Eroğlu was confused with Mizgin Koçyiğit who was killed in the Sur district of Diyarbakır. Güler was killed in a basement which is known as "basement of savagery" in the Cizre district of Şırnak three months later of Mizgin's died. Güler Eroğlu had shot a video before she was killed.
Mizgin and Güler didn't know each other, but they were born just a half-hour far away. Güler Erdoğlu was born in Batman while Mizgin Koçyiğit was born in the Silvan district of Diyarbakır. Both were borned in 1990s when the state's policy of persecution was most severe. Mizgin Koçyiğit (nom de guerre Ruken Amed) was killed in Sur's Dağkapı Square on December 2, 2015. However, Güler Eroğlu's family thought that Mizgin Koçyiğit was their daughter because she looked like their daughter. Güler's family took Mizgin's dead body and buried her in the Kozluk district of Batman. After the DNA test, it was understood that the dead body belong to Mizgin not Güler. Mizgin's family took their daughter body from Kozluk and buried her in Silvan.
Güler's family learned that Güler was alive and joined the resistance. Güler was killed in Cizre's savagery basement three months later. Her body was buried in Kozluk where Mizgin had been buried before. Güler had shot a video before she was killed. She told why she had gone to Cizre. Güler said, "We, as women of Kurdistan, must say "enough". I decided to join the resistance in the day I was killed. My friend Ruken martyred in Dağkapı Square on December 2. My friends told me, "If you were martyred, why you are here," However, I was really martyred there. I never saw her and never met her. She was martyred with my name. My mother carried her body, my father cried for her. The people were in the street for me. Maybe, I wasn't killed there, the body wasn't mine. But she was a woman and a comrade.
"When I watched the videos of my ceremony, I saw myself, I felt myself the first time. A person who I didn't meet, was martyred in order to I live my culture and use my language freely. That day, I had decided to go back to Ankara due to my conference had been canceled. She wasn't me. However, some took a jab at her. They called her as "terrorist". Before, I had seen such things on facebook and twitter. She wasn't me, but they took a jab at me, too.
"I decided to join the resistance one day later I had been killed. I thought my family. My family had had difficulty. They had cried. They had thrown their arms around my coffin. What about the other families; who don't know where their children bodies are now. What about the women of Kurdistan… I experienced this; my comrade Ruken also experienced this. As women of Kurdistan, we must say "enough". That's why I joined the resistance one day later I had been killed."