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The architects of Revolution tell 4 years of Rojava (3)

Dosya Haber
July 18 / 2016


Revolution shaped led by women
QAMIŞLO – Leading the Rojava Revolution, women have rebuilt new life and strengthened self-defense against possible attacks. Women, who have empowered their organization following Rojava Revolution, told us the role of women in Rojava Revolution.
Revolution that started in July 19, 2012 in Rojava, opens a new door to a new life for Rojava people, particularly for women. As women, who lead the revolution, have organized themselves in many areas, they also have strengthened self-defense against attacks. Women, who have taken their part in institutions and organizations in Rojava, evaluated Rojava Revolution. The administrator of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) of Kobanê Canton, Dilber Yusuf noted that each revolution has a historical meaning.
‘Revolution was against the five thousand years of male domination’
Dilber spoke out that the revolution started in Rojava cannot only considered as military and regional revolution. “Women and peoples led the Rojava Revolution, the meaning and importance of this revolution is actually secret. Women make history by leading the revolution in all fields, particularly in military field and this situation is a first in the world history of revolution. This situation points out a revolution within the revolution. We can say that women made a revolution against backwardness of the nation-state and masculine mindset in their soul, thought, culture and politics and they become an example globally. The process of the revolution is still ongoing. Undoubtedly, the revolution wasn’t made in a split second. We are here thanks to Leader Apo’s great effort and philosophy. This revolution was made against the five thousand years of male domination and the nation-state.
“Women have to assume a major role in building of new system. Women are the central of construction and they are solvers of the problems. Women must build the democratic federal system and create free individuals by working more.”
‘Our goal is to create free individuals with communes’
Girkê Legê Commune and the Assembly Education Committee member Rêhan Temo said, “Large and important steps have been taken in this revolution. One of these steps is build the democratic autonomy. And, announcement of federal system was also an important step. Building a democratic nation and creating morally political community is very important works. The goal is create free individuals and democratic nation against nation-state. That’s why we have formed communes in everywhere and every field.”
Şehit Remzi Commune located in the Xerbi Neighborhood of Qamişlo co-chair, Fehime İbrahim said, “As co-chairs, we do our duty. We solve the peoples’ problem with them. Our main goal is to empower our people’s self-defense. We organize ourselves with the philosophy of Leader Apo. We carry out works with our people.”