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Êzidî women resist from Nasara to Berivan (3)

Dosya Haber
August 01 / 2016


'They must know very well that we won't accept the tyranny anymore'
Îlham Hecî- Xensê Xidir/JINHA
SHENGAL - Êzidî women have improved themselves in many areas such as self-defense and organizing after August 3. We talked to the YJŞ commander Hêzda Şengal and Êzidî Women's Assembly member Nurê Xidir. "The enemy must understand very well that we won't accept the tyranny anymore." said two women and they called on all women by saying, "Rise against male dominated system."
Êzidî women have begun to take their part in self-defense units and they give their word to take revenge after attacks were carried out in Shengal by ISIS. The numbers of Êzidî women, those who join self-defense units, have increased day by day. They have carried a historic resistance by taking their part in the front line. The Shengal Women Unite (YJŞ) organized its first conference on February 13-14 on Shengal Mountains. And they determined their flag in this conference. As Êzidî women's flag of freedom has waved on Shengal Mountains, we talked to the YJŞ commander Hêzda Şengal about August 3 and Êzidî women.
'The struggle increases our self-confidence'
Hêzda said that Êzidî women hadn't had rights and they had been seen as slaves before the edict, "But, they have begun to understand themselves with this struggle. They have understood who is friends and enemy. The enemy has played trick on us for thousands of years. They have infused capitalism's ideas into us. They have tried to put us away from our religion. The struggle increases our self-confidence."
'We want to avenge the 74th edict'
Hêzda noted that the YJŞ has been founded against massacres, "At the beginning, the YJŞ wasn't recognized completely and the participation was less. But now, Êzidî young women have joined us increasingly day by day. Women have joined the YJŞ in order to protect their people, particularly to protect women. As YJŞ, we want to avenge the 74th edict. We'll continue our struggle until we save all women and young girls from ISIS. All Êzidî people, particularly young women should educate themselves. They should educate themselves in order to prevent the next edicts."
'We won't accept the tyranny anymore'
Êzidî Women's Assembly member Nurê Xidir told us Êzidî women's organization level. Nurê said that Êzidî people have become target of attacks for years and she underlined that they will never accept these attacks anymore after 74th edict. Nurê noted that as Êzidî women, they got training of self-defense against attacks, "Then, we received ideological training. If we had applied self-defense, our women wouldn't be in the hands of ISIS. But, we won't let suck attacks anymore. We declared our assembly on July 29, 2015. The enemy must understand very well that we don't accept the tyranny anymore."
Call on women: Rise
Nurê pointed out the works have been carried out by Women's Assembly and said, "We are giving education in the mother tongue to women now. Many mothers and girls don't know write in their language. Mother tongue is the culture of people. We sometimes give training of weapons and self-defense. We have tried to help people those who return to their lands within the bounds of possibility. We carry out diplomatic works to make Êzidî women to be recognized internationally. We held our conference on the anniversary of the massacre last year. This conference was our response to the enemy. We'll empower our struggle. August 3 is a black and painful day for us. I am calling on women; Never accept the injustice, Rise. We should unite and break the male dominated system."
Tomorrow: Êzidîs those who have migrated to Diyarbakır's Fidanlık Area evaluated August 3.