Investigation in Şırnak continues



ŞIRNEX – The delegation consists of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) MPs and members and the Democratic Regions Party (DBP) members continue their visit in Şırnak.

The HDP Şırnak MP Aycan İrmez, HDP Party Council member Nuran İmir, Van HDP and DBP district and provincial administrations and NGOs visited Şırnak, where destruction continues. First, the delegation visited the families of those killed in the self-government resistance. Then, they carried out investigations in the Yeni Neighborhood. The delegation made a brief statement in the neighborhood and said more than half of the city were destroyed and called for solidarity with Şırnak.

Meanwhile, a European delegation consists of parliamentarians also carried out investigations in Şırnak. After the investigations, the delegation members visited the family of Hacı Birlik, who had been killed and then his dead body had been dragged on the ground by an armored vehicle, and the family of Cemal Uygur, who was a heath care worker and killed in self-government resistance in Şırnak.