Police raids on Bitlis and Kızıltepe municipalities



BEDLÎS/MÊRDÎN – Police raided the building of Bitlis and Kızıltepe municipalities held by the Democratic Regions Party (DBP) in the morning. While co-mayors of Bitlis have been detained, four directors have been detained in Kızıltepe.

Police raided the building of Bitlis Municipality. Police blockaded the building in early morning hour and entered the building and began to search the building. Co-mayors Nevin Daşdemir Dağkıran and hüseyin Olan have been detained.

Meanwhile, police raided the building of Mardin’s Kızıltepe Municipality in the morning. Special operations police came from Mardin to Kızıltepe district center in the morning and blockaded the district. Then, police raided the municipal building. Four directors of the municipality have been reported to be detained.

Previously, trustees were appointed to the municipalities after police raids. Trustees were appointed to Mardin’s Büyükşehir, Dargeçit, Nusaybin, Derik and Mazıdağı municipalites.