On the eve of November 25: Elif&Hediye kill 2 men to save their lives


BURSA/İZMİR - On the eve of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25, a woman named Elif killed her husband inflicting violence on her with a knife in Bursa. In İzmir, a woman named Hediye killed a man, who attacked her by acting in self-defense.

In Turkey, where on average five women have been killed by their close relatives each day,women save their lives by acting in self-defense. On the eve of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25, 26-year-old Elif Çırak killed her abusive husband named Suat Kazım Çırak with a knife in Bursa when the husband threatened her with death and threw her out of the house.

According to reports received, Elif, who lived in the Osmangazi district of Bursa, was subjected to violence and insult in front of her relatives by her drug addicted husband Suat Kazım Çırak. Acting in self-defense against aggressive man, Elif wounded Suat Kazım with a knife. As Suat died at the scene, his dead body was taken to the morgue of Forensic Medicine Institute in Bursa.

Elif, meanwhile, was taken into custody after she gave her two-year-old child to her mother. According to Elif’s testimony given to Homicide Department of Police Headquarters, Suat Kazım hadn’t worked and he was a drug-addict and he had inflicted violence against her. Elif said in her testimony; “I filed a complaint against him twice. Upon my complaints, the court sentenced him to stay away from home twice. He hadn’t used drugs for the last two weeks. He was on edge and he had begun to discuss when there was no problem. I got mad when he insulted me and asked me to leave the house in front of my mother, sibling and son.”

Hediye G., who lived in the Torbalı district of İzmir, killed a man named Ferhat Durgut, who assaulted her, by acting in self-defense. Hediye, who had begun to look after her children by standing on her feet upon the arrest of her husband B.G, who sexually abused her daughter, began to live on by working in a factory. According to reports received, Ferhat Durgut, who came to Hediye’s home, assaulted her. Hediye took five shot at Ferhat against sexual assault by acting in self-defense. Ferhat was shot in the head, belly and throat and died. Dead body of Ferhat was taken to Forensic Medicine Institute in İzmir.

Hediye was sent to the court and jailed although she told the assault she was subjected to.