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22 female co-mayors imprisoned, trustees appointed to 35 municipalities

13:13 05/12/2016 7

Democratic Regions Party (DBP) took 106 municipalities in 2014 local election. Trustees have been appointed to 35 municipalities held by the DBP since September 11,2015. As of November 29, 45 ...

Carnations thrown towards the Four-legged Minaret

15:18 28/11/2016 2

On the first anniversary of murder of Tahir Elçi, people wanted to commemorate Diyarbakır Bar Association Chair Tahir Elçi in front of Four-legged Minaret, where he was killed; however they ...

‘Erbane is the voice of women and resistance’

13:41 28/11/2016 10

Fatma Özen, erbane (musical instrument) teacher at Urfa Culture and Art Association, describes erbane, which is a symbol of women in Kurdish music as, “Kurdish women’s scream and resistance”.

The closed KJA member Sara Aktaş detained

11:56 28/11/2016 1

Kurdish politician Sara Aktaş, member of the Free Women’s Congress (KJA) shut down by KHK (statutory decree), was taken into custody at Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport.

Police intervene in women who want to march in Ankara

15:02 26/11/2016 5

Police intervened in the women, who gathered in Kolej Square in Ankara for November 25 and detained many women by battering.

Co-mayors of Bitlis and Güroymak imprisoned

12:14 26/11/2016 1

Bitlis Co-mayors Nevin Daşdemir and Hüseyin Olan and Güroymak Co-mayor M.Emin Özkan have been imprisoned.

Co-mayor Leyla Salman detained

15:40 25/11/2016 1

Kızıltepe Co-mayor Leyla Salman has been taken into custody.

‘12-year-old’ accepted as age limit in sexual abuse

12:55 25/11/2016 1

The draft bill, from which the sexual abuse was withdrawn, has been accepted by Parliament. After the AYM (Supreme Court) removed the rule of the 15-year-old for sexual abuse, regulations on sexual ...

Free women’s village in Rojava: Jinwar

12:13 25/11/2016 6

In Rojava, the Free Women’s Village Construction Committee of Kongra Star has begun to build a women’s village named “Jinwar” against violence against women.

Metropolitan Municipal Council Group to work with the people

14:15 24/11/2016 2

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Council Group decided to carry out their works with the people not appointed trustee. Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Council held an emergency meeting ...

On the eve of November 25: Elif&Hediye kill 2 men to save their lives

13:29 24/11/2016 1

On the eve of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25, a woman named Elif killed her husband inflicting violence on her with a knife in Bursa. In İzmir, a ...

Police raids on Bitlis and Kızıltepe municipalities

11:45 24/11/2016 3

Police raided the building of Bitlis and Kızıltepe municipalities held by the Democratic Regions Party (DBP) in the morning. While co-mayors of Bitlis have been detained, four directors have been ...

Women: Self-defense is a right against violence

11:27 24/11/2016 1

While women are preparing to cry male violence on November 25, women in Van argued that self-defense is a right against violence.

Police block Peace Mothers’ sit-in protest!

16:17 23/11/2016 2

Peace Mothers’ sit-in protest, performed in front of Dolmabahçe Palace every week, was blocked this week by police.

Men kill 236 women in 11 months

15:37 23/11/2016 2

Men killed 236 women sexually assaulted 71 women and sexually abused 368 girls between January 1 and November 20, 2016

Journalist Şermin Soydan released from prison

15:16 23/11/2016 2

Closed Dicle News Agency (DİHA) reporter Şermin Soydan, who was jailed pending trial for her news titled “Here is the document of ‘secret ‘operation in Gever (Yüksekova)” and life ...

Police raid home of Artuklu Co-mayor Sevinç Bozan

16:27 22/11/2016 1

Police raided home of Artuklu co-mayor Sevinç Bozan.

Hediye burned alive in Erciş laid to rest

15:13 22/11/2016 5

Hediye Ataman, who was burned alive in her home during house raid on November 18 in Van’s Erciş district, has been laid to rest in Çelebibağı Central Cemetery.

Bekir Bozdağ: 'The bill will be withdrawn from the text'

12:25 22/11/2016 1

Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdağ said, “The bill will be withdrawn from the text” regarding the withdrawn draft bill of sexual abuse.

Investigation in Şırnak continues

12:00 22/11/2016 5

The delegation consists of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) MPs and members and the Democratic Regions Party (DBP) members continue their visit in Şırnak.